The Journey North: Up the Inside Passage

I think it was the quiet that woke me. I cracked my eyes open, squinting against the bright sun that had been shining since we’d reached Alaskan waters three days before. It took me a moment to realize that the constant roar of the boat’s engine was gone. I could hear nothing but the ringing […]

20 Great Gift Ideas for Commercial Fishermen

20 Great Gift Ideas for Commercial Fishermen | Every wondered what to get the Commercial Fisherman in your life? | List includes everything from socks to a GoPro camera |

Back when I was still just a fisherman’s girlfriend, there was a wonderful blog I read often called Commercial Fishing Mom. It was written by a woman from a fifth-generation commercial fishing family who had herself married a fisherman. It was a chronicle of what life was like for her and her family. Of her husband leaving […]

In Search of Home

In Search of Home | FishwifeWrites | Tyler-Rose Counts | Searching for signs of home on our long trip to Seattle | familiar light

I woke up disoriented, almost unsure of where I was. Like a girl in the sort of novels I like to read who wakes up somewhere she’s never seen before after whatever horrible magical thing has happened to her and can’t quite remember how she got there. I blinked into the dark. I was myself. […]

Do Something Worth Writing

Life is more than writing. Being brave in the face of the unknown | Sailing the Inside Passage | FishwifeWrites | Tyler-Rose Counts

“If you wou’d not be forgotten As soon as you are dead and rotten, Either write things worth reading, or do things worth the writing.” Benjamin Franklin Write Something Worth Reading I don’t remember when I first heard that Ben Franklin quote, but I think it was probably in high school because I remember feeling […]

The Gentle Art of Speaking to Spirits

The Gentle Art of Speaking to Spritis

I’m supposed to be sleeping, but I’m wide awake in the dark. I can hear my husband breathing next to me, slow and steady as the tide. I should close my eyes. I should go back to sleep. It’s no use. I’m awake now. I get up. I sling my coat around my shoulders and […]

Hope & Houseplants

Hope & Houseplants | FishwifeWrites |Tyler-Rose Counts

There’s very little plant magic in my family. Family lore has it that my great-grandmother kept a beautiful garden. If it’s true, she certainly let those skills die with her. So, I grew up in a house that had no plants in it, with a garden we mostly left to itself. You see, leaving it […]

My Five Favorite Seafaring Novels

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  What better way to spend our offseason than by obsessing about all things nautical? So, here are one fishwife’s five favorite seafaring novels: Disclosure: some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will get a commission if you click through and make a purchase. 1. Captain […]

Resting Season

    I think many people find winter to be their least favorite season. It’s cold and it’s wet. Mostly it’s dark. Sometimes there’s ice that makes walking to your car an epic adventure let alone actually driving the thing. Shovelling snow is wretched. The vegetation in the grocery store came a long, long way from […]