About Me

Hello, there!

I’m Tyler-Rose Counts — a writer living in Kodiak, Alaska with my wild commercial fisherman husband and one very pampered purple orchid. I write short stories and novels that frequently involve angsty men with swords and tattoos, dragons, magic, and smart girls who talk too much.

I started writing my first book in the margins of my binder during a particularly boring high school biology class. The teacher was very fond of talking at length about his favorite hobby (taxidermy) rather than following the lesson plan and it was only the story I was scribbling that kept me from regularly attempting to leap from the classroom’s second story windows.

That particular story will never see the light of day (It was a “Beauty and the Beast” retelling with strong elements of Twilight and a hero so brooding he actually had no dialogue), but I’ve got a few others in the works that I think you might like. 

You can find out more about what I’m writing on my blog and by signing up for my newsletter where I share inspiration, updates, exclusive freebies, and interesting snippets from my life in Alaska.

When I’m not working on a short story or my novel, I can be found curled up with a cup of tea, a book, and my knitting probably staring out my cottage windows at the Alaskan weather and all the salt water that surrounds my island home.

On special occasions, I put on rain gear, leave my books behind, and go looking for fish with my husband.