About Me


Nic and me walking through the kodiak forest
PC to my fabulously talented sister-in-law, Xenia Hoffman

Hi, I’m Tyler-Rose and a cordial welcome to my website!

How does a girl from sunny Wine Country, California end up in a log cabin in Alaska, you ask?

Nic (now, my husband) and I played together as children, but his family moved far away to Kodiak¬†before we were in our teens and we lost touch. It wasn’t until I was halfway through college that he found me on Facebook and we reconnected. While I went to school and learned about writing and graphic design, he went adventuring and became the captain of his own commercial fishing boat. In January 2017, we got married and I graduated to the level of fishwife.

He sweetly relocated to my part of California during our engagement and the first few months of our marriage, but soon it was time for us to pack up and head north to chase the salmon. I drew the line at joining his fishing crew since I don’t like the idea of getting jellyfish in my eyes, so while he and his crew search for salmon I keep the wood stove burning in the log cabin and manage any crises that arise here on shore. That’s how I acquired a temporary cat, but that’s another story.

Besides full-time fishwife-ing, I’m also feverishly writing a YA Fantasy novel and I work as a freelance graphic designer. You can learn more about my novel here and my graphic design here.

I originally started this website to keep my family up to date on our life in Kodiak, but the more I learn about commercial fishing life the more I want to share that with others. TV shows make it all too easy to misunderstand and too often only show the worst of it: the narrow escapes and stormy days. They don’t care about showing the strength of the community or the kindness of the people here. Or what it’s like to be left behind.

I’ll see if maybe I can do a little better.