In Search of Home

In Search of Home | FishwifeWrites | Tyler-Rose Counts | Searching for signs of home on our long trip to Seattle | familiar light

I woke up disoriented, almost unsure of where I was. Like a girl in the sort of novels I like to read who wakes up somewhere she’s never seen before after whatever horrible magical thing has happened to her and can’t quite remember how she got there. I blinked into the dark. I was myself. […]

Hope & Houseplants

Hope & Houseplants | FishwifeWrites |Tyler-Rose Counts

There’s very little plant magic in my family. Family lore has it that my great-grandmother kept a beautiful garden. If it’s true, she certainly let those skills die with her. So, I grew up in a house that had no plants in it, with a garden we mostly left to itself. You see, leaving it […]

New Design, New URL

A little Kodiak plant growing on an old whale bone.

I know it’s been awhile since I last posted. Don’t worry, the island of Kodiak hasn’t lost its internet connection or been swallowed by a tsunami. I just got fed up with the free platform’s design restrictions and decided it was better to switch to something else before anyone got too used to the […]