New Design, New URL

A little Kodiak plant growing on an old whale bone.

I know it’s been awhile since I last posted. Don’t worry, the island of Kodiak hasn’t lost its internet connection or been swallowed by a tsunami. I just got fed up with the free platform’s design restrictions and decided it was better to switch to something else before anyone got too used to the original blog or I accumulated a lot of content that I would have to move.

I’m now self-hosted and have my own domain name! One of the many benefits of which is that my blog isn’t going to disappear unexpectedly if WordPress decides it doesn’t like me. Not that I thought that would happen, I just like knowing for sure that it won’t. I also have a lot more design freedom on this site, which is something I really wanted.

Unfortunately, none of you are now subscribed to my new site. I will be sending emails to my previous subscribers to invite them to resubscribe, but if you’re here: please sign up to be notified when I post something new!

Do you like the new look? Let me know in the comments 🙂



We’re still alive up here! I’ve definitely had a few Alaska adventures, though, which you’ll hear more about in upcoming posts.

Sneak preview: I’ve acquired a temporary housecat. So now it’s me and the cat and the houseplants in the log cabin instead of just me and the houseplants, which is much nicer. I feel better about talking to the cat than I do about talking to the houseplants. Besides, the cat talks back now and then.

sleeping kitty cat
This is the kitty I borrowed.

How’s fishing?

It’s going well. The crew is all happy, nothing significant is broken, and–best of all–they’re catching fish! Everyone’s definitely starting to get a little tired, though.

Aren’t you terribly lonely in the log cabin with just the cat and the houseplants?

I do get a little lonely after Nic has been out fishing for nearly a week, but I do my best to keep busy. The cat and the houseplants really do help and my design/writing projects keep me well occupied. I’m also knitting a shawl (maybe for the Kodiak fair?) which accounts for most of my remaining free time. I see my in-laws and people from church pretty frequently and we recently started a Women’s Bible Study group on Monday nights which I enjoy.

The good news is that Nic gets lonely too and tends to come home for a day or two every week. Which is really rather frequently in the grand scheme of husbands-who-go-away-to-work.

How’s the weather in Kodiak?

Gray, oceany-smelling drizzle punctuated now and then by the genuine miracle of a sunny day. On such occasions, you will find me sitting in the yard with my palms raised to the sky, trying really hard to photosynthesize.

How’s your novel coming?

Fine, but find out more on my Novel-in-Progress page!


4 Replies to “New Design, New URL”

  1. I love reading your notes on how your life is going. Your voice comes across clear in your writing — I feel as if we are chatting at coffee hour when I read your posts. Thanks so much, Tyler-Rose!! I’m especially happy to hear all is well. Take care and save up for a light box to help with your photosynthesis!! 😉 Vicky

    1. Thank you, Vicky! I always love how many people from St. Seraphim respond to my posts and messages. Makes me feel very loved <3 I'm thinking about taking a Vitamin D supplement, actually. I thought I wouldn't need one since it summer, but when calculating how many days I've actually seen the sun . . .

  2. Thank you for sharing. I enjoy reading your writing and feeling as if you are telling me about your day(s). (Taking some Vitamin D sounds like a good idea.)

    1. Happy to share <3

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